My favourite T-shirt says ‘I love carbs’, every time I wear it, without fail, it sparks a conversation about food, health, exercise, life, nutrition and (oddly, if you don’t know me) marathons. Who would have thought carbohydrates or carbs, as they are fondly abbreviated, could be so emotionally provoking and conversational.

Therefore ‘Love Thy Carbs’ is about everything I love and anything that intrigues me. I hope it will be my little escape, a blog/diary of the things I do, see and love, a place to explore and share my interests and maybe even spark a few more conversations.

I’m a nutritionist and sports dietitan, but far from a foodie. I love the simple things, like pancakes with maple syrup (oh with a dollop of plain yogurt on the side), vanilla milkshakes (must be in a sliver milk bar style container with two straws!), and penne pasta with basil/coriander pesto (topped with fresh herbs torn not chopped)… ok so maybe simple and a tad fussy!

I love my runners, my bicycle, a good backpack and cheering on my husband (aka the #HappyRunner) as he runs around the world.

photo 5