Fuel me…

Priorities change when you have children… and most recently I’ve realised that with 2 boys (3 if you include the happy runner) in the house time is something I run short on. Therefore sitting in peace to eat a meal is something of the past. What’s more given I’m still breastfeeding I need food fast, packed with nutrients and at the moment it needs to be a little more energy dense and stick with me for as long as possible.

Recently I enjoyed a short break up the coast in Coffs Habour (10 month old in tow), with family there it’s a regular spot for us. And while I usually don’t get a chance to sit in a cafe much I made the most of it with breaky at Supply.  My choice was sour dough, poached eggs and avo, simple but filling, nutritious and low GI. I was impressed with their kids menu, their moo shakes are a perfect size for the littley’s and big kids like me who dont drink coffee… but give me a vanilla milkshake any day!



Pre-Race Nutrition: Nike She Runs

Are you nutrition ready?

I think I could count on one hand the number of night time runs I’ve completed! I’m definitely an early bird when it comes to training which also means I’ve mastered my morning pre-training snack. However with the Nike She Runs 10km on tonight I’ll need to put a little more thought into it.

Seeing as the run starts at 6pm I’m planning on a pretty balanced lunch around 12 to 1pm and then a high carb pre-race snack about 3:30-4pm. It’s about ensuring you’ve topped up fuel stores and at the same time given your system enough time to have emptied the stomach.

Here’s a check list to help plan your pre-race snack…

It should:
– be high in carbs
– be low in fat and fibre
– be a snack that you know doesn’t upset the stomach
– include fluids
– and be enjoyable

High carb snack ideas:
– crumpets and honey
– banana and yoghurt
– toast and juice
– a bowl of cereal and milk
– pikelets and fruit
– english muffin and a sports drink

Remember your pre-race snack or meal should be something that’s easily digested, that provides energy from carbs yet is light and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and lethargic. If you find you’re a little nervous before a race, and therefore not sure you can stomach food, try a liquid snack such as a sports drink, juice or cordial, or a home made smoothie.

Try a high carb liquid snack if you can’t stomach food pre-race

And don’t forget hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

While it’s probably going to be a cool night and you’re less likely to sweat as much as you would running in the heat you’ll still need to ensure that you start the race well hydrated to allow you to perform at your best. Even being just slightly dehydrated can effect your race.

And lastly after you cross the finish line aim to recover with water or a sports drink before heading for a more celebratory bevvy.

I’m excited about the run tonight, see you there!

My partners in crime at last years Nike She Runs #OUTFITrunners