Fuel me…

Priorities change when you have children… and most recently I’ve realised that with 2 boys (3 if you include the happy runner) in the house time is something I run short on. Therefore sitting in peace to eat a meal is something of the past. What’s more given I’m still breastfeeding I need food fast, packed with nutrients and at the moment it needs to be a little more energy dense and stick with me for as long as possible.

Recently I enjoyed a short break up the coast in Coffs Habour (10 month old in tow), with family there it’s a regular spot for us. And while I usually don’t get a chance to sit in a cafe much I made the most of it with breaky at Supply.  My choice was sour dough, poached eggs and avo, simple but filling, nutritious and low GI. I was impressed with their kids menu, their moo shakes are a perfect size for the littley’s and big kids like me who dont drink coffee… but give me a vanilla milkshake any day!


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